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Meet the Staff of Turnage Motor Company

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Aaron Turnage - Owner / Operator

803-853-4300 - Aaron@TurnageMotorCo.com

Aaron Turnage opened Turnage Motor Company in 2011 and has been selling cars for over 11 years in the Atlanta and Columbia market. He loves to buy and sell cars under $10,000 and knows just about everything there is to know about cars in that price range. His favorite car... Toyota Prius! So when you come to Turnage Motors, you're likely to find a handful of great Prius's available for sale! Aaron also loves spending time with his three children, and relishes the opportunity to enjoy just about any outdoor activity!

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Aaron Davis - Lead Tech

803-853-4553 - adavis@turnagemotorco.com

Aaron has been with Turnage Motor Co since 2015, and before that, worked as a lead tech at the local Toyota dealership since 2001 alongside his father who is a seasoned toyota master tech since 1981! So we KNOW TOYOTAS, here at Turnage Motors! In his spare time, Aaron loves to spend time with his family, and work on a few classic car projects around his house, as well as building electric guitars from scratch!

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Kyle - Aesthetics Manager

- kyle@turnagemotorco.com

Kyle is a great guy - a family man and a lover of cars... his passion is evident in his work.  I always say that we can't make used cars new again, but when I give him the chance to give it 100% (and normally he's restricted to "80% quality" due to our sales volume), this guy will make a 15 year old car look as new as anyone can!  Kyles hard work in the cosmetics department is what truly make our cars shine!

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Tony - Repair Tech

- tony@turnagemotorco.com

Tony has been with us for nearly 2 years, and we have really been impressed with his aptitude.  When he came to us, he was closer to a lube tech, and now he's pulling engines and transmission, and reinstalling them without issue.  You can be sure that if you study over one of our inspection reports and Tonys name is at the top, that car has been carefully inspected!

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Tawny - Growth Coordinator / Project Manager

- tawny@turnagemotorco.com

In any growing business, you must have someone prepared to tackle complications that arise, and planning ahead to handle headaches before they arrive - Tawny works with us part time in this capacity and she's a pro, having worked for a large and growing California based company for 6 years... she is always prepared, both for today and for the future; we can't wait to see how TMC will thrive, the more involved she becomes!